The IECEE EMC Scheme is a third party certification scheme based on the IECEE CB Scheme procedures. This scheme is intended to provide an adequate level of confidence that the product conforms to the specified requirements of appropriate EMC standards by means of system assessment, testing and subsequent surveillance.

Object of EMC Compliance Certification Scheme

  • To meet the needs of society and to provide an adequate level of confidence to the purchaser that the product meets EMC requirements.
  • To enable manufacturers to meet national certification/registration requirements related to EMC.

Features of EMC Compliance Certification Scheme

  • Third party Certification Scheme for products based on IEC, CISPR and EN standards.
  • Quality system assessment through factory inspection based on ISO/IEC Guide 53 and Cenelec Certification Agreement (CCA) documents by internationally qualified assessor.
  • Testing of products at nationally approved (NABL) and internationally approved laboratories
  • Availability of test reports in internationally accepted formats.
  • Regular surveillance of the quality system (factory inspection) and products to ensure that approved manufacturers produce consistent quality products that comply with the applicable IEC, CISPR and EN standards.
  • Benefit to Manufacturers
      1. Certification of products as per international requirements.
      2. Enhanced export capability.
      3. Provides a marketing edge over the competitors, even in domestic market.
      4. Makes it easier to get international certification mark(s).


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