R&D Testing with LabTest

LabTest has been assisting manufacturers with R&D testing for their new products and technologies for years, to verify their designs and physical performances. Many times we are asked what it is that we do. The best and easiest way to describe it is… have you ever watched the TV show “Myth Busters”?  Just like Myth Busters, we push products to their limits and sometimes, we watch them blow up!

What are the benefits of R&D testing?

Client’s feedback has indicated that R&D Testing has helped them greatly with saving on development costs and expedite time to market.

By validating the designs in the early stages of product development, the risks of major re-designs are reduced, as errors and flaws can be identified and avoided earlier in the process. In many cases, the testing lab and manufacturer, together, will develop a test specification for the specific needs.



  • Spending $100k in developing a product and ready to go to market and finding out that the traces on your circuit board require 2mm spacings, but you only have 1.5mm.
  • The component selection doesn’t comply with regulatory requirements.
  • The product doesn’t operate as intended under various environmental conditions.
  • Submitting your prototype for R&D testing early in the process is a great way to check and validate your design and ensure you’re on target.

RF emissions are too high.

Some examples of R&D (validation) testing that LabTest has conducted in the past are:

  • Testing for an avalanche emergency device (PPE) to see if it operates under the following conditions at one time:
    • -30°C ambient temperature
    • 7000-meter altitude
    • With ice forming on device
  • Testing a large lithium battery for 60-minute fire rating (imagine a lithium battery at 900°C)
  • Testing a regular soap dispenser for leaks and operation at -40C to +50C
  • Testing ammunition as it is transported at extreme cold and hot temperatures while vibrating (road, helicopter, plane, etc.)
  • Testing hydrogen fuel cells technology for temperature shock (-50C to + 80C within minutes) while vibrating up to 2000Hz.
  • Testing devices from 100-meter depth to 18000-meter altitude, while operational
  • Testing a battery-powered towel dispenser to simulate a fire
  • Testing an electronic device under a radiated immunity condition of 200v/m

And the latest… 

The latest for LabTest has been R&D testing for Non-Powered Air Purifying Respirators for N95 ratings.

These are just some of the creative tests that we, at LabTest, have conducted for our clients over the years, to validate the compliance of their products. The more challenging the project, the more we like it, which is also one of the best parts of our job: we get to try new things every day!

Are you designing a brand-new product and would like to find out if you’re on the right track, before it gets too late in the process? Get in touch with our product compliance experts today! They will be happy to help.

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