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Why We Are Located in Oakville

LabTest Certification Inc. is now proudly operating from Oakville, Ontario, conveniently located just a short drive from the dynamic and diverse city of Toronto.

Toronto, often hailed as Canada’s financial and cultural capital, offers a vibrant mix of urban sophistication and cultural diversity. Known as a global hub for business, technology, and arts, the city plays a significant role in the national and international economy. Oakville’s proximity to Toronto also means easy access to world-class amenities, from theatre and sports venues to leading research and educational institutions.

Oakville Ontario Near Toronto

Oakville, situated near Toronto, offers a blend of suburban comfort and easy access to one of Canada’s largest cities. Known for its high standard of living and excellent public services, Oakville is a thriving business community that includes a mix of established industries and innovative startups. Its strategic location near Toronto provides an added advantage of access to major transportation routes, enabling efficient logistics and operations.

Choosing Oakville as a base for LabTest Certification allows us to be near Toronto’s extensive amenities and skilled workforce, while also being situated in a business-friendly environment. We are proud to operate in a location that not only boasts economic vibrancy but also natural beauty, contributing to our team’s ability to deliver the best certification services at the level of excellence we are renowned for.

Services Offered at Location

Testing & Certification
Electrical Safety Electrical Safety Testing, Certification, and Inspection | ISO 17065, ISO 17025, ISO 17020 accredited.
Hazardous Locations Testing, Certification & Inspection services for equipment in potentially explosive environments.
EMC EMC/RED EU Directives, Immunity and Emissions testing.
Lighting Testing, Inspection, Certification for Lighting products.
Environmental Environmental Testing services for product durability.
EV Charging Systems Testing & Certification for EV Charging Stations and Components.
Medical Devices Help establish safety and performance standards for medical devices.
Fenestration Testing & Certification for Windows and Doors to standards.
Fire Testing Fire Testing for Cladding, Exterior Walls, Flooring, Ceiling Tiles.
Solar Testing laboratory and Certification Body for PV Panels, Solar Collectors.
Fuel Burning Evaluation and inspection of fuel burning appliances.
Marine Equipment Marine Equipment Testing & Certification.
Plumbing Testing and Certification to standards for Plumbing products.
Batteries Testing Testing and Certification for most types of Batteries.
Conducted Energy Devices Testing in accordance with standards for Conducted Energy Devices.
CSA SPE 1000 Special Inspections for limited batches of Electrical/Electronic products per Canadian Electrical Code.
CSA SPE 3000 Special Inspections for one-time approval of medical electrical equipment & systems for Canada.
CSA B149.3 Special Inspections for one-time approval of Gas products for Canada.
HazLoc (Unit Verification) “LC Field Evaluated” approvals for limited quantity products per North American, European or other standards.
Training & Assessment Programs
Management Systems Services Training, Assessment, and ISO 9000 Certification for quality management systems.
HazLoc Training Training on hazardous locations standards and equipment testing/approval.
Custom Training Customized training on product compliance, standards, quality management.
UN38.3 Testing Training on UN/DOT 38.3 standard for lithium batteries and products.
Additional Services
Preliminary Design Review PDR to evaluate product design compliance before major development investment.