Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

Do you want to ensure that your products meet the minimum safety criteria established in the applicable standards?

That’s where a Preliminary Design Review comes in.

First things first: what’s the intended use of the product and which markets will it be launched in?

What is PDR?

Products must meet the minimum safety criteria as set in the applicable standards based on the intended use and application of the unit. One of the first steps is to determine which requirements, regulations, and standards apply to the product that’s being designed and then, incorporate the safety criteria into R&D process.

Understanding compliance needs and standards can be a huge undertaking. That’s where a Preliminary Design Review and we, at LabTest Certification, can help!

How can LabTest help?

As part of the Preliminary Design Review (PDR), we work with your team to identify the standards and compliance requirements that best fit your product and work together on a plan that best suits your needs.

The determination of applicable standards is a complimentary service, when working with LabTest, and can save you time and effort thanks to our experience in the compliance industry with multiple approval types such as Electrical, EMC, Fenestration, Environmental, Marine, Plumbing, and more.

Benefits of doing a PDR

With LabTest as your partner is as easy as 1, 2, 3

 Catch non-compliances before it’s too late!

 Make iterations before final product is ready!

Reduce overall engineering effort and time to market!

Save money when submitting same product for certification!

Recover some of the cost through grants & tax credits!

(Manufacturers to find, apply, and submit directly)

What’s next after the applicable standards have been identified?

Depending on what stage the product development is at, we can cater our PDR services to your needs. If you are at the initial prototype stages, we can review the design of your product, and/or the prototype, to the requirements of the standards and provide you with the findings on possible non-compliances.

If, instead, you have already progressed further in the design and have specific questions related to the requirements of the applicable standards, for your specific application, we can help you with the interpretation of the standards. One of the benefits of Preliminary Design Review is that it can help identify possible non-compliances and helps to incorporate design changes early in the development.

What type of products/projects can PDR be used for?

PDR can be useful in core product design for components or units. On the assembly side, for example in skids, it has shown to be useful for getting a review of the Bill of Materials (BOM) to make sure that parts are sourced according to the ratings.

However, one of the main uses of PDR is still on the design of actual products instead of integration-type projects.

  • Deciding on applicable standards

  • Evaluating the product/prototype to standards

  • Interpreting specific standard requirements to application of product

  • Conducting R&D testing

  • Reviewing markings and installation/operating manuals as per the standard(s) and intended markets

The Process

At LabTest, we like to keep things simple. We are flexible and will work with your needs. Just reach out to us and let’s work together!

Communication throughout the process is key. We can either communicate over email, video calls, phone call, or in person (wherever possible).

How long does it take to complete a PDR?

From the time the project is activated, a Preliminary Review could take from a minimum of 4 hours up to five days, depending on the complexity of the project. This includes the pre-evaluation to standard(s) and the time to review the requirements and their interpretation.

What will you get?

At the end of the Preliminary Design Review, you will be provided with the findings. This could be in the form of a letter, a report, or a simple e-mail, depending on your individual needs. In addition to the ongoing technical support throughout the duration of the project, we also offer future credits toward upcoming certification work, for the product that the PDR was conducted for, as long as standards and requirements do not change.

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