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LabTest Certification provides manufacturers with testing, certification, and unit verification services for equipment installed and operated in potentially explosive (Ex) environments, for the North American (Canada and the USA), European (ATEX), United Kingdom (UKCA), and Global markets (IECEx).

As an accredited Testing & Certification body for Canada and U.S.A., recognized Notified Body for the European ATEX Directive, and a recognized member of the IECEx Scheme, LabTest is able to provide one single solution for product approvals for most global markets.

Equipment approved for Hazardous Locations is evaluated for compliance with industry published standards (IEC, EN, UL, CSA and etc.), to confirm that the equipment will not ignite a flammable gas, liquid, vapour or combustible dust.

What is Hazloc?

Also known by different names such as “Hazardous Areas”, “Ex Areas”, and “Explosive Atmospheres”, Hazloc relates to areas where flammable liquids, vapours, gases or combustible dusts are likely to occur in quantities sufficient to cause a fire or explosion.

Hazloc Equipment (Ex Equipment)

Any electrical and non-electrical equipment that is installed in Hazardous Locations/Explosive Atmospheres.

What is Area Classification? 

The area classification is the study or the determination of hazardous areas in facilities where explosive atmospheres can occur. The following factors need to be accounted for, during area classification study,in line with the local electrical codes:

a) the characteristics of the fluids being handled (e.g., chemical and physical properties such as flash point, molar composition, liquid density, vapour specific gravity, lower flammable limit (LFL), upper flammable limit (UFL), mole weight);
b) operating pressures, temperatures, flow rates, and volumes;
c) the design and maintenance of the compression, pumping, piping, valve, and containment systems for handling the fluids;
d) the minimum explosible concentration of dusts;
e) dust confinement systems;
f) housekeeping and humidity;
g) building design and dimensions;
h) heating and ventilation systems in buildings;

i) the site layout and proximity to other structures;
j) the type of safety systems available (e.g., gas detection);
k) outdoor terrain and topographical features (e.g., berms, low spots, slopes, vegetation);
l) local temperature and wind conditions;
m) the remoteness of an installation (i.e., the capacity to detect and/or respond to a release through on-site personnel or remote monitoring);
n) operating and maintenance practices and training;
o) the operating, maintenance, and failure history of the facility;
p) facility modifications resulting from site operations or maintenance that could impact the area classification

HazLoc Training

LabTest provides HazLoc training to manufacturers interested in becoming more familiar with specific standards, to prepare for QAR/QAN audits, and more.



We’ve been very impressed with Mr. Sidhu’s replies to our emails, at non-routine hours, as we work in different time zones. It indicates that he cares and that he is committed to the process. We also always enjoy working with Jason Forselius, LabTest’s Certification Field Rep, and learn from his experience, knowledge, and professionalism.

Orpak Systems, A Gilbarco Veeder-Root Company

I heard about Labtest from a colleague who recommended them. They explained which standards applied to our products and how the audit process worked.  Staff had extensive knowledge pertaining to the application of the correct standards for testing each model.  Working with Labtest was very helpful in gaining a better understanding of applicable standards.  Our company is now ATEX and IECEx certified to build approved products. Thank you Labtest!

The PBE Group

I would recommend LabTest for your Testing and Certification needs.  Our project went well and was completed on time and within budget. It was great to have a team of test engineers who listen to your requests. Although I have not personally met most of the engineers, I feel like I know them.

HF Scientific Inc.

Working with LabTest Certification was great. We appreciated the quick turnaround on the quote and the detailed conversations and valuable input that Gursher Sidhu, Hazloc Account Manager, provided during the process. The competitive pricing and their understanding of our needs guided us in making a quick decision on how to prepare our product for certification.

Guardian Telecom, A division of Circa Enterprises Inc.

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