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Hazardous locations testing and certification services for equipment installed and operated in Hazardous Locations for the North American (Canada and the USA), European (ATEX), and Global markets (IECEx), both for Full Certification and Unit Verification.

Equipment approved for Hazardous Locations is evaluated for compliance with industry published standards (IEC, EN, UL, CSA and etc.), to confirm that the equipment will not ignite a flammable gas, liquid, vapour or combustible dust.

What is Hazloc?

Also known by different names such as “Hazardous Areas”, “Ex Areas”, and “Explosive Atmospheres”, Hazloc relates to areas where flammable liquids, vapours, gases or combustible dusts are likely to occur in quantities sufficient to cause a fire or explosion (IEC-IECEx2015).

Hazloc Equipment (Ex Equipment)

Equipment used in Hazardous Locations (Ex Areas). Any electrical and non-electrical product that can create a spark or has enough energy to ignite a flammable gas or dust.

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Hazloc Training

LabTest also provides training for Hazloc certification to manufacturers interested in becoming more familiar with specific standards or to prepare for QAR/QAN audits.

I would recommend LabTest for your Testing and Certification needs.  Our project went well and was completed on time and within budget. It was great to have a team of test engineers who listen to your requests. Although I have not personally met most of the engineers, I feel like I know them.

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Field Evaluation Services are an electrical approval program designed for low volume or specialized equipment where certification is not the fastest or most cost effective option

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