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Majority of products sold and used in Canada and the United States, with few exceptions, must be certified by third party organizations, such as LabTest Certification. Certification is necessary to validate that the product meets the requirements of the applicable standards and therefore, will not cause harm to people or property.

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In order to comply with Canadian and U.S. law and regulations, all products need to display an official seal before they can be sold anywhere in North America. The good news is that we, at LabTest Certification, can Test and Certify almost any product, such as Electrical, Electronics, Gas, Plumbing, Building Materials, Hazardous Locations Equipment, Solar, and more, whether your target market is North America or international.

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LabTest Certification is a leading multi-service Testing, Certification, and Inspection Body with multiple locations in North America, and partners and inspectors located globally. We provide a wide range of services to manufacturers in industries like food processing, construction materials, semiconductors, electronics manufacturing, medical devices, military, marine, automotive, and much, much more.

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Our Testing & Certification Capabilities include

  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

  • Consumer products
  • Equipment used in Hazardous Locations

  • Medical Equipment & Systems
  • Marine electrical & electronics equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Military devices

  • Electrical Signage
  • Industrial controls
  • Batteries

  • EV Charging Systems
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Building Materials
  • And more…

Testing and Certification Services for Canada

In Canada, products are required to be certified or field labelled by a Certification or Inspection Body accredited by Standards Council of Canada (SCC). Once approved, products must bear the Certification Mark or the Field Evaluated label of the accredited third-party. The cLC mark and LC Field Evaluated label prove to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) that the product has met the requirements of the applicable Canadian standards.

Testing and Certification Services for United States

LabTest supports manufacturers with Testing and Listing of a wide variety of products for the U.S. market, from Battery Chargers to Solar Panels and anything in between. Accredited by International Accreditation Service (IAS) and ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), we can test your products against the applicable U.S. standards, and work closely with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) to ensure the path to your intended market is a smooth one. Once found in compliance, the product is labelled with the LCus mark and LC Field Evaluated label.

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European Approvals

Whether seeking CE Marking, ATEX, GAR, or other product approvals for the European Union, we have the expertise to assist you every step of the way. LabTest Certification is ISO 17025 and ISO 17065 accredited for many EN standards for Electrical, Hazardous Locations, Gas, Medical, Marine, and many other types of equipment needing approvals for the European market. As one of the few recognized Canadian Notified Bodies for the ATEX and EMC & RED EU Directives, we provide manufacturers with a one-stop solution for EU Type Examination and Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) certificates.

Global Market Access – Tested, Trusted & Certified Products

By partnering with a recognized IECEx Scheme member and an ATEX and EMC & RED Notified Body like LabTest Certification, manufacturers can avoid repeat testing and additional cost and considerably reduce their products’ time to market. Our test reports are widely accepted by other IECEx scheme members worldwide and by European Notified Bodies. Our highly qualified engineers support and guide you throughout the entire process and work with YOU toward YOUR goal.


LabTest full range of Testing & Certification services includes:

  • Certification: as part of our ISO 17065 accreditation, our Certification Program for Canadian and U.S. certification/listing includes:
    • Construction/Engineering evaluation of the product
    • Testing to applicable standard(s)
    • Test report
    • One-time “Initial Factory Inspection” at the manufacturing facility to determine if the factory has the necessary quality control procedures and the means to manufacture the certified product(s) in question on a continuing basis within the parameters specified in the Certification Documentation.
    • Certificate and Authorization Letter: When the tested/evaluated product is found to be in compliance with the applicable standards, and the client has fulfilled all the terms and conditions of certification, LabTest will issue a “Certificate of Compliance” (CoC) and an Authorization Letter (AL) to grant the client the authority to apply the LC Mark(s) on the complying products.
    • Follow-Up Inspections: unannounced factory assessment at the manufacturing site, where the product is manufactured and the LC Mark is applied, to ensure that the certified/listed products are manufactured in accordance with the Certification/Listing Report and the necessary quality control procedures are followed.
  • Testing In-House: Products’ samples are shipped to one of LabTest’s laboratories where they undergo all required testing as per the applicable standards.
  • Field Evaluations: Testing is conducted in the field, at the manufacturer’s site or at point of installation by a LabTest field representative, when shipping to one of our labs is not practical (ie. samples are too large, or too expensive and could risk getting damaged during shipping, etc.).
  • Unit Verification: for products manufactured in limited quantities – or batches. A practical solution where traditional certification is not ideal.
  • Special Inspections: Limited quantities/batch approval of products sold and installed in the Canadian market.
  • Test Witnessing: Testing is conducted at the manufacturer’s site, using manufacturer’s own calibrated testing equipment, while a LabTest field representative “witnesses” the process to ensure that the appropriate procedures are followed.

LabTest additional services

Field Evaluations

Field Evaluations

Field Evaluations are onsite product approvals designed for limited quantities or specialized equipment where certification is not the fastest or most cost effective option

Management Systems Services

Management Systems Services

LabTest Certification offers Training, Assessment, and Certification in compliance with ISO 9000 series of standards to help you make your business stand out from the competition!

Training Program

Training Program

Our extensive in-house knowledge and high levels of expertise allow us to provide the support you need to achieve complete confidence in the subject area you are seeking training for. Training available online and in-person.

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