Electrical Safety

Testing & Certification

Electrical Safety testing is a crucial step in the manufacturing process to ensure that Electrical products that are being placed on the market are in compliance with the applicable safety regulations and that they will, therefore, not cause harm to users.

As an accredited Testing, Certification, and Inspection Body, and an OSHA-recognized NRTL, LabTest Certification evaluates all kinds of Electrical/Electronics products to ensure they meet the requirements of the applicable Electrical Safety standards of North American, European, and other international markets.

ISO 17065 | ISO 17025 | ISO 17020

LabTest Electrical Safety services include

With offices and testing laboratories in Delta, BC (Canada – Head Office), Richmond, BC (Canada), and Las Vegas, NV (USA), and partner testing laboratories/certification bodies located globally, LabTest Certification provides Testing, Certification, and Inspection to national and international standards, for various product categories including, but not limited to:

all-services lighting

Whether looking for an OSHA-recognized NRTL, Ordinary/Hazardous Locations approval or a Preliminary Design Review; we have the solution for you!

ev charging systems small

Global green consciousness & environmentally friendly initiatives are becoming commonplace throughout the world. Let us help you ensure your systems are compliant.

Battery Testing

We have the expertise to Test and Certify most types of Batteries and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) available in the industry, such as Lithium-ion, etc.

medical devices in Canada, United States, the European and Worldwide markets

Before new Medical devices can be brought to market and used in a medical working environment, they must meet applicable safety and performance standards.

hazardous location equipment

We are able to provide your one-stop solution for product approvals for most global markets when it comes to HazLoc equipment (North America, IECEx and ATEX).


  • Household appliances

  • Measurement, Control & Laboratory Equipment

  • IT and AV equipment

  • Portable tools

  • Industrial equipment

Common Electrical Safety Tests

Some of the most common tests included in Electrical Safety evaluations are:

Leakage current test

Evaluates whether current that flows between an AC source and the ground does not exceed a specified limit.

Insulation resistance test

Calibrates the quality of the electrical insulation that’s being used.

High voltage test

Measures the ability of an electrical product to withstand a high voltage applied between a product’s electrical circuit and the ground.

Ground continuity test

Ensures that a clear path is available between all exposed metal surfaces and the power system ground.

Ingress Protection (IP Test)

Tests and classifies the degrees of protection against solid objects, dust, and/or liquids of enclosures of electrical equipment.

Impact Test (IK test)

Ensures the sample can withstand an impact with a determined force.

Global Market Access

Depending on which market they are to be approved for, Electrical and Electronic products will have to meet different safety requirements. For example, if the product is destined for the North American market, it will be required to be tested and certified by an accredited third-party, as per the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC – Canada) or the National Electrical Code (NEC – USA) and bare the certification mark of the Certification Body issuing the certificate.

On the other hand, products manufactured for the European Union (EU), will be required to comply with the applicable EU New Approach Directives, for CE Marking, as declared by the manufacture or person placing the product on the European marketplace.

Certification/Listing for North America

Electrical and Electronic products destined for the Canadian and U.S. markets are required to be tested and certified to the applicable CSA and UL electrical safety standards by an accredited third-party, such as LabTest Certification, as per the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC – Canada) or the National Electrical Code (NEC – USA). Once certified/listed, products must bear the Certification Mark of the Certification Body issuing the certificate. The LC mark demonstrates that the product has gone through thorough testing and is in compliance with the requirements of the applicable Safety standards.

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CE & UKCA Marking

In order to be labelled with the CE and/or UKCA Mark, products manufactured for and sold within the European Union (EU) and/or the United Kingdom, are required to comply with the applicable EU New Approach Directives and/or U.K. Regulations. When partnering with LabTest, you will have direct access to our Electrical technical experts, who will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth process and shorten your product’s time to market.

Additional international market approvals

LabTest Certification assists manufacturers with product approvals for a vast list of international markets. Our accreditations to most IEC standards, but also to other more country-specific standards like for example AS/NZ, will open the doors to the world for your business and products. You can find a complete list of our accreditations here: https://labtestcert.com/accreditations/.

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For manufacturers seeking to market their product in Canada, United States, or on a global scale, LabTest provides a One-Stop convenient solution for Global Market Access.

We are Committed To Safety, Together and work with YOU, toward YOUR goal.

For more information or to talk to one of our technical experts, please Contact Us at info@labtestcert.com or Call 1-855-346-0444.

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