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Electrical Safety Testing, Certification, and Inspection | ISO 17065, ISO 17025, ISO 17020. LabTest Offers a full range of tests and other services for a vast range of Electrical products. Residential, Commercial, and Industrial equipment.

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What is Electrical Safety Evaluation?

Evaluating products to confirm compliance with the minimum requirements of industry-set Safety standards, to ensure they are not a hazard to people or the environment in which they will be used.

Some examples of hazards that may occur from using non-compliant products are electrical shock, fire and mechanical hazards, explosion, and more.

Hence the reason for stringent regulations in place, with Electrical products having comply with the requirements indicated in the applicable safety standards, such as construction requirements, markings, and required testing procedures.

Regulatory Systems

Depending on which market they are to be approved for, Electrical and Electronic products will have to meet different safety requirements. For example, if the product is destined for the North American market, it will be required to be tested and certified by an accredited third-party, as per the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC – Canada) or the National Electrical Code (NEC – USA) and bare the certification mark of the Certification Body issuing the certificate.

On the other hand, products manufactured for the European Union (EU), will be required to comply with the applicable EU New Approach Directives, for CE Marking, as declared by the manufacture or person placing the product on the European market place.

LabTest Certification is an accredited Certification Body, Testing Laboratory, and Inspection Body accredited by internationally recognized Accreditation Bodies (IAF & ILAC members), such as Standards Council of Canada (SCC), International Accreditation Services (IAS), ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), and recognized by the IECEx Scheme as an ExCB/ExTL.

With offices and testing laboratories in Delta, BC (Canada), Richmond, BC (Canada), and Las Vegas, NV (USA), and partner testing laboratories/certification bodies globally located, LabTest can provide Testing and Certification to national and international standards, for various product categories including:

For organizations seeking to market their product globally, LabTest provides a “One-Stop-Solution” for your Global Market Access as Your Partner in Testing and Certification.

LabTest Certification Inc. is an accredited ISO 17065 Certification Body, ISO 17025 Testing Laboratory, ISO 17020 Inspection Body and Notified Body for EMC Directive and Radio Equipment Directive.


LabTest has been our partner for certifications for more than 8 years. They have a lot of knowledge and are always very professional when they do our factory inspections, helping us to improve our quality standards. The last inspection, made by Jason Forselius, was virtual due to the COVID-19, but was still conducted in deep details and in a very professional manner. I strongly recommend LabTest for your certifications.

Yves BERNIER ing. IES, President, Well Green Inc.

I contacted LabTest because we needed IECEE CB Scheme, cLCus, CE product certification. LabTest offered us technical advice and testing which helped in optimizing the design to comply with the certification requirements. We were very satisfied with the professionalism and the results. All three certificates were issued after strict and documented test procedures. I highly recommend LabTest to anyone that needs certification for local or worldwide markets.

SICPA Services Canada Limited

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