President’s Message

Dear Partners and Friends,

As we start our new journey and adventure into 2023, we take with us a few valuable lessons learned during this past year. Often lessons are learned from mistakes, as it is only mistaking that we learn that more work and improvement are needed. The past few years brought many challenges, like a pandemic, supply chain, and staffing challenges.  Within all that, the most valuable lesson learned was that we need to return to the basics.

Despite all challenges, LabTest experienced a fast growth in 2022, which continues steadily into 2023. Last year, multiple new major accreditations were added to our scope, a new location opened in Canada, and additional new locations and business streams are already planned for the first quarter of 2023. All of that, while we keep our focus on and go back to the basics that have helped us grow: Communications, Urgency, and Commitment.


Communication is the key to any relationship and as we believe and value the relationship that, over the years, we’ve built with our clients, we are making it our priority to maintain and even improve our communication at all levels, both internal and external to make sure that each request is addressed in a timely manner.


Like any relationship, a relationship with clients requires putting ourselves into the other person’s shoes, as it’s the only way to fully understand their needs, the stress, and the pressure that they go through while trying to launch their products into the market. Time to market is crucial in this fast-paced world. Therefore, in the certification industry, a lack of urgency from the third-party could mean important delays in the client’s product delivery.


Commitment is the glue that ties both communication and urgency together. By committing ourselves to assisting our customers and partners with a strong sense of urgency and exemplary communication, we establish a relationship of mutual respect and trust, which are the foundations of any relationship. As our tagline reminds us, we are “Committed To Safety. Together” and together, we need to stay committed toward the same goal.

One of LabTest’s biggest strengths has been its people and the belief that simpler is better, which is why we are going back to the basic fundamentals of what has made us great.

I’d like to thank our team, our customers, and our partners for their continuous support. I am excited about what this year is going to bring and the new goals that we’ve set for ourselves.

I wish you all a great 2023!


Kavinder Dhillon, P.L.Eng.

President & CEO

LabTest Certification Inc.