Certification for Commercial Gas and Solid-Fuel Cooking Appliances

Being fresh off our recent visit to Vegas for the Pizza Expo, we found our team discussing the certification process for commercial gas and solid-fuel cooking appliances. Often misinterpreted, the term “fuel-burning appliances” encompasses a wide variety of products that burn substances, including gas (natural gas, blended gas, butane), oil, and solid fuel (wood, coal). Manufacturers of these appliances must have their products certified against the applicable standards for the market(s) that they wish to enter.

Our team is here to assist you with testing and certification, ensuring your products adhere to critical standards such as CSA/CGA, ANSI, EN, BS EN, AS/NZ, and more. Our ultimate goal is to see your gas or solid fuel appliances surpass safety, quality, and reliability benchmarks for market approval or launch. Adherence to national standards broadens your market reach and builds trust with consumers.

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Our Special Inspections program aligns with CSA B149.3 (Code for the field approval of fuel-burning appliances and equipment), prioritizing safety and mitigating the risk of regulatory penalties. When you choose to work with us for special inspections of your fuel-burning appliances, you align your products with a code that satisfies Canadian safety requirements,, increasing product visibility and underscoring your dedication to quality.

Compliance Standards for Gas Appliances

Knowing the ins and outs of CSA/CGA Standards is crucial for the safety and performance of commercial gas and solid-fuel cooking appliances. These regulations for gas appliances offer many benefits, instill confidence in the product, and broaden its market scope.

The CSA/CGA standards ensure that all fuel-burning appliances meet the applicable standards’ requirements. These standards guide everything, from how an appliance is built and what materials are used to how its performance is measured and tested. These standards help protect the people who use these appliances and play an important role in decreasing the risk of accidents.

Appliance Type Applicable Standards
Household Gas Cooking Appliances CAN: CSA 1.1
EU: EN 30-1-1
UK: BS EN 30-1-1
Commercial Gas Cooking Appliances CAN: CSA 1.8
USA: ANSI Z83.11
EU: EN 203-1
UK: BS EN 203-1
Outdoor Gas Cooking Appliances CAN: CSA 1.6
USA: ANSI Z21.58 & ANSI Z21.89
EU: EN 484, EN 498
UK: BS EN 484, BS EN 498

Special Inspections to CSA B149.3 for Canada

We take all fuel-burning appliances’ safety and regulatory compliance very seriously, especially regarding commercial gas and solid-fuel cooking appliances. We’re experts in conducting special inspections based on the CSA B149.3 Code, a crucial set of guidelines in Canada.

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With over twenty years of experience, we ensure that your products meet the safety standards requirements for the Canadian market. Not only do we help you avoid any possible delays in launches, approvals and safety risks, but we also offer a one-time inspection service that simplifies the whole process.

Our scope covers an extensive range of gas and solid fuel appliances, and our deep understanding of the CSA B149.3 Code enables us to guide manufacturers toward obtaining approvals for their products.

Compliance Solutions for Manufacturers

In the complex world of regulatory compliance, we’ve got everything covered for manufacturers of commercial cooking appliances, ensuring their products live up to safety standards, no matter where they are manufactured. One of the many accolades that we’re proud of is being recognized by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), International Accreditation Service (IAS), and other global accreditation agencies, promising top-quality assurance in all our operations.

We offer sturdy testing, inspection, and certification services in our advanced testing labs, assisting manufacturers in effectively meeting the ever changing safety regulations. Our services guarantee product compliance and support manufacturers in reducing their time to market and costs. If needed, we offer Field Evaluations & Special Inspections services, reaffirming our dedication to assisting manufacturers through tricky Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) requirements, helping identify non-compliances and avoiding costly redos.

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