Power Up Safely with UN/DOT 38.3 Certification

Did you know that UN/DOT 38.3 sets the gold standard for lithium battery safety?

UN/DOT 38.3 outlines important environmental, mechanical, and electrical requirements that all lithium cells and batteries must meet. This means peace of mind for you and your devices!  Manufacturers of lithium batteries and products using lithium batteries must show they comply with these strict standards every step of the way – from design and manufacturing to distribution. When you see that UN/DOT 38.3 seal, you know you’re getting quality and safety you can trust.
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But what exactly does UN/DOT 38.3 entail?

Let’s take a closer look at the rigorous tests that ensure your batteries are up to par:

Test T.1: Altitude Testing

This test simulates air transportation under low-pressure conditions.

Test T.2: Thermal Testing

Assesses cell and battery seal integrity and internal electrical connections with rapid and extreme temperature changes.

Test T.3: Vibration Testing

Simulates vibration occurring during transportation.

Test T.4: Shock Testing

Assesses the robustness of cells and batteries against cumulative shocks.

Test T.5: External Short Circuit Testing

Simulates an external short circuit.

Test T.6: Impact/Crush Testing

Simulates mechanical abuse from an impact or crush that may result in an internal short circuit.

Test T.7: Overcharge Testing

Evaluates the ability of a rechargeable battery or a single cell rechargeable battery to withstand an overcharge condition.

Test T.8: Forced Discharge Testing

Evaluates the ability of a primary or a rechargeable cell to withstand a forced discharge condition.

Batteries evaluated and verified to UN/DOT 38.3 are marked with the LC Verified Mark and listed in the LC Products Directory

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Transportation Testing of Lithium Metal and Lithium Batteries Services

Manufacturers and consumers alike can benefit from testing and certifying their products according to these standards with a knowledgeable and trustworthy Testing and Certification Body, LabTest Certification is an ISO 17025 accredited Testing Laboratory, accredited by an ILAC Signatory member, for testing to UN 38.3.

LabTest offers Testing & Certification services, to national and international standards, for Batteries cells, packs, and modules. Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Environmental Testing, Durability, Life Cycle Analysis, Transportation, as well as Preliminary Design Review.

For additional information on Transportation Testing for Lithium Metal and Lithium Batteries or to receive a quotation, please contact LabTest Certification Inc. at info@labtestcert.com or Call Us toll free at 1-855-346-0444, or visit https://labtestcert.com/un38-3/.

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