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LabTest is a Certification Body, Testing Laboratory, Inspection Body, and Notified Body who provides product testing and certification, to national and international standards.
LabTest provides product approvals, to national and international standards, in the areas of: Electrical, Hazardous Locations, EMC, Fuel Burning Appliances, Plumbing, Marine, Solar, Energy Efficiency, Building Materials, Environmental Testing, as well as PPE testing & certification.

It will depend on the product and its application. Product information will be needed to determine definite deadlines. In average, once all samples and technical documentation have been received, an EMC project can be completed in 2 weeks, whereas a project for a Lighting fixture, for example, can be completed within 4-6 weeks.

Basic product information is needed for quoting purposes, such as:

  • Company contact information
  • Brief description of product
  • Model number
  • Ratings/Dimensions
  • Intended market (Type of approval needed)
  • Sales brochure and/or picture of product

Installation and operating instructions, schematics, drawings, and other documentation will be also needed, but not until the project is opened.

The cost will depend from product to product and on the amount of testing involved. Once the product information is received, a quote highlighting the total cost will be issued in about 2 business days.
LabTest Head Office is located in Delta, BC (Canada). Other locations are Richmond, BC (Canada), and Las Vegas, NV (USA). With strategic partnerships worldwide, LabTest can provide you with local testing for international markets.

As per the local codes and regulations, products are required to be tested and certified/listed by accredited bodies to show that they meet the minimum requirements of industry-set safety and performance standards. Authorities Having Jurisdiction have the final say on which certification marks they will accept.

The LC Mark states that a product is compliant with the applicable industry-set standards and meets the minimum safety and/or performance requirements requested by the standard(s).

Certification is the process of testing and evaluating products to demonstrate that they meet the minimum requirements of applicable industry set safety and/or performance standards of the country they will be sold and operated in.

Fast turnaround and cost-effective solutions are our signature. Integrity, excellent customer care, and flexibility is what we are known for. All testing done in-house. A quote can be issued within 2 business days after a request is received. We work with YOU, toward YOUR goal!

Yes, LabTest is recognized as a Notified Body under the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive (2014/53/EU). NB Registration No.: 2815

Our IECEx certificates are recognized by CSA and UL

As a third-party and due to the nature of its accreditations, LabTest cannot assist clients with product design, but  can certainly provide guidance on standards requirements.

Yes (restrictions apply during Covid-19 pandemic)

Yes, but also in Canada, USA, and other parts of the world.

Ex components only need to meet the requirements as laid out in Clause 13 of the 60079-0 Standard for Explosive Atmospheres – General Requirements.

Annex B of the standard (called out from Clause 13) includes a table format with provisions of tests that can be waived when evaluating an Ex component. The test plan within component approvals can further be different, depending on whether the unit being approved is an enclosure or an internal component.

Ex components are not assigned a Surface Temperature “T” Class. The surface temperature is determined when the component is eventually integrated into the Ex equipment. It is also to be noted that if an Ex component is approved, the marking plate for the component is internal to that enclosure.

Ex component certificates include a “Schedule of Limitations” and have the symbol “U” in the marking. The schedule of limitations will mention the additional due diligence that needs to be taken into consideration when the component is used in an Ex equipment.

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Testing & Certification

Product testing and certification to national and international standards in the areas of Electrical, PPE, Hazardous Locations, EMC, Gas, Plumbing, Marine, Solar, Energy Efficiency, Building Materials, Environmental Testing

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