New Standard: EN 62368-1 will be replacing EN 60950-1 & EN 60065

New Standard EN 62368-1 New Standard EN 62368-1

The new standard will increase harmonization, instead of having two different standards, one for ICT and one for AV, the en 62368-1 standard will replace the existing standards.

This standard is applicable to mains-powered or battery-powered information technology equipment, including electrical business equipment and associated equipment, with a RATED VOLTAGE not exceeding 600 V.

EN 62368-1:2018

EN 62368-1 is a new product safety standard that will alter the way companies comply with standards for safe products. The changes brought about by this legislation can be seen as replacements to EN 60950-1 and EN 60065, which were previously used in these cases.

This product safety standard has been recently enacted as an amendment of existing legislations on electrical goods, noise emission levels from audio equipment devices, radio interference caused by acoustic apparatus use within domestic premises or workplaces and electromagnetic compatibility related aspects of electronic data processing systems, among others.

Is applicable to the safety of electrical and electronic equipment within the field of audio, video, information and communication technology, and business and office machines with a rated voltage not exceeding 600 V.

* * This standard does not include requirements for performance or functional characteristics of equipment * *

Why EN 62368-1?

EN 62368-1, the new safety standard for Information Technology Equipment and Audio/Video Equipment, is a hazard-based, performance-oriented standard.

Technology is changing everyday, and EN 62368-1 is technology independent. It also minimizes the need for national and regional differences.

What’s changing for this Standard?

Here are some of the main changes applied in the new standard:

  • addition of requirements for outdoor equipment
  • new requirements for optical radiation
  • addition of requirements for insulating liquids
  • addition of requirements for work cells
  • addition of requirements for wireless power transmitters
  • addition of requirements for fully insulated winding wire (FIW)
  • alternative method for determination of top, bottom and side openings for fire enclosures
  • alternative requirements for sound pressure

Originally, the date of withdrawal was June 2019, but the deadline has since been extended and the new date was changed to December 2020.

For questions about the new standard or if you have products ready to be tested against the new standard, contact us and let us know how we can assist.

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