Field Evaluation Services are an electrical approval program designed for low volume or specialized equipment where certification is not the fastest or most cost effective option.

Field Evaluation is the best solution for:

  • Low volume and “one-of-a-kind” equipment, including Hazloc equipment and gas appliances
  • Prototypes and innovations
  • Equipment already shipped or onsite
  • Witness testing
  • Pre-construction drawing review

We’re committed to responding to your needs within 24 hours—no matter where in the world your equipment is located.

Special Electrical Inspections for Canada

LabTest is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. That means that once you receive our label, your equipment is approved for use anywhere in Canada.

Upon successful inspection and compliance to mandatory and non-destructive tests, your electrical equipment will be deemed “Approved” and labelled on-the-spot.

If the equipment does not meet Canadian Codes and Standards, LabTest’s inspectors will provide you with a report detailing the required alterations.

We will support your staff throughout the process until your equipment is approved.

Field Evaluation Services for Gas/Oil Appliances

We offer field evaluation of your gas fired units, including industrial boilers, custom fireplaces, commercial cooking appliances or any special gas fired product.

We are able to perform field evaluation at short notice all across Canada & USA. Please contact us for more information.

Limited Production Approvals

We provide Limited Production Approvals for electrical equipment, which qualifies you to apply the LC mark to your equipment.

This certification applies when limited batches of the equipment are made.

The evaluation is performed and a report is produced requiring all product match the report.

Once that is completed, you may apply the label on the limited run of your equipment. Once the evaluation is complete and equipment labeled, your product can be sold anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Some criteria apply to meet the requirements; the full standard and tests may be mandatory, an audit of your facility may be required, and inspection of batch or production may be required periodically.

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