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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Applicant Info

  • Marks

  • Specification

  • Certification Marks granted by other Certification Bodies for the products, if applicable
  • Manufacturer Info

  • Standard

    Product Standard(s) requested for the conformity assessment and certification:
  • Comments

    Other relevant information (or list all relevant correspondence or notes attached):
  • Initial Factory Inspection (IFI) for LC Mark

  • Components of product

    Components and parts purchased from external suppliers (for example: switches, lamp holders, cord-sets, motors, transformers, sub assemblies, springs, contacts):
  • Routine Tests

    Routine tests and inspections performed in receiving, manufacturing, and final QC in order to ensure conformity of the end product with the applicable standards (detailed description or copies of inspection and test procedures including QC forms) copies of the inspection and test procedures attached
  • Certification of quality system, If any

    Type of Certification of the Manufacturer Quality System, if certified (attach copy of registration certificate):
  • Confirmation and agreement by the applicant or client

    The information above describes accurately and to our best knowledge the scope of the certification sought under the LabTest Product Certification Program. We agree to comply with the requirements for the LabTest Product Certification Program and to supply any information needed for evaluation of products to be certified. We agree that the LabTest Inspectors may enter all locations of the manufacturing locations including receiving inspections and any other areas which are essential for conformity of our final products with the relevant standards. The LabTest Inspectors may enter these locations and areas during normal working hours, after having advised any person from the list in 6. above.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY