International Approvals are for manufacturers seeking to market their product globally, international approvalsLabTest provides them with a One-Stop-Testing-Solution as their Partner in Certification for international markets.

By using the appropriate approval schemes, we will design a single test plan that will satisfy the regulatory requirements for our clients’ target market and therefore help them meet their time-to-market demand.

LabTest is approved to test and certify various product categories to the CSA, UL, EN, IEC & ISO standards.

North American manufacturers exporting their products to international markets are faced with the challenges of language, cultural barriers, and a very different set of regulatory conformity assessment requirements and procedures.

With its trained compliance engineers who are well-versed on global regulatory conformity assessment requirement, LabTest can help to gain approval for products that are destined to international markets in a timely and cost effective manner.

For manufacturers wishing to export to international markets, outside of North America, the following schemes/approaches are available:

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