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RIC Electronics Ltd.
British Columbia
MX System and MX Stack System Components
Modular Inverter System Components
MX System and MX Stack System Components:

·         Rated (nominal) input voltages: 12(13.4), 24(27.6), 32(36.8), 48(55.2), 66(75.9), 108(124) VDC

·         Rated output per MX Power Module: 117VAC, 8.5Amps, 1000Watts, 50/60Hz

·         Included Recognized Components: MX System, MX Stack System, MX Cage, MX Alarm Card and MX Transfer Switch, MX Control Card, MX System Monitor II, and MX Power Module.


CSA C22.2 NO. 107.1-01 (R2011) – General Use Power Supplies
UL 1778: 2014 (Ed. 5) – Uninterruptible Power Systems

Indoor Use Only
Listed as a component of other Listed equipment where the suitability of the combination is to be determined by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

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