Certification Record

LC 1229672
Erico International Corp.
British Columbia

  • Seismic Fixture Clamp
  • Model Nos.: SFC1, SFC1CF, SFC1S, SFC1E, SFC1CFS, SFC1R
  • Rating: – The Seismic fixture clamp Weight is 0.2 lbs/piece
  •                – The Seismic Fixture Clamp Load rating 200 lbs (90.71kg)
  •                – The maximum fixture (component) weight permitted is 56 lbs (25.4kg)
  • ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Recessed Lighting Fixtures (Luminaires)
  • Suspended Ceiling Systems (AC184)

Conditions of Acceptability

  • Unit shall be installed as per the following standard:- CISCA 0-2 and CISCA 3&4 **
    – 2010 California Building Code (CBC)
    – New Zealand Standard NZS 4219
    – International Building Code (IBC)
    – Uniform Building Code (UBC) **
    – National Building Code of Canada
    – National Electrical Code
    – Canadian Electrical Code
    – ASTM E580** Subject devices (seismic fixture clamps) comply with the following:- ICC EVALUATION SERVICE, INC.
    – AC 184, Clause
  • Attachment Devices Used in Lieu of Code Requirements for Two Slack No. 12 Gage Wires Attaching Light Fixtures to the Structure Above the Suspended Ceilings:- The average ultimate test result, as determined in Section, of each test series shall be equal to or greater than 600 pounds (2669 N). The 600-pound (2669 N) value is based on applying a safety factor of 3 to an assumed ultimate load capacity of 100 pounds (444.8 N) for each of the two No. 12 gage slack wires required by the code.


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