Certification Record

H2Scan Corporation
United States
Barrier, P/N 50000021R0

To be used to limit power to the HY-Alerta, Model 1600 or HY-Optima, Model 1700 covered in Part B of this report to an intrinsically safe level.

The Barrier P/N 50000021 R0 comprises a printed board housed within a plastic enclosure, which provides a degree of protection of at least IP20.

CAN/CSA E60079-1:07

CAN/CSA E60079-11:02


  • Gas detection instruments of the laboratory or scientific type used for analysis or measurement, instruments intended by the manufacturer to prevent hazards due to toxic
    effects only, or instruments used solely for process control purposes.
  • Apparatus to be marked and used as per the Limitation of Use sections

LIMITATION OF USE, Barrier P/N 50000021 RO

Used to limit power to the HY-ALERTA Model 1600 or HY-OPTIMA Model 1700
Marking of the apparatus shall include

[Ex ib] IIC
The electrical parameters are:

Um = 250 V

  • Uo = 11.5 V
  • Io = 3.27 A
  • Po = 9.41 W
  • Ci = 0 μF
  • Li = 0 μH
  • Co = 11.2 μF
  • Lo = 29 μH
  • Lo/Ro = 33 μH/Ω

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