Solar Radiation testing

LabTest Certification Inc. offers Solar Radiation testing for products expected to be exposed to solar radiation during their life cycle or for which heating or actinic effects are of concern.

Solar Radiation testing is useful to understand how a product is affected by the heating effects of solar radiation (which are different to the heating effects of high temperature alone) and to identify any deterioration or degradation resulting from the actinic effects of solar radiation

As well as common problems associated with high temperatures, the heating effects of solar radiation can result in changes to the ability to operate joints, changes to material properties, damage to seals and many other effects.

Actinic effects of solar radiation refer to the changes caused by the shorter wavelength radiation, particularly ultraviolet radiation. In some plastic and non-metallic materials, these effects can range from colour fading to structural deterioration.

An example of a test method for Solar Radiation testing is MIL-STD-810 Method 505.