The ICC/SRCC is ending their TPA (Testing Laboratory Program Approvals) and replacing with Testing Laboratory Recognition ProgramLabTest Certification Inc. is recognized under the new program as an accredited Testing Laboratory for Solar testing. The new program came into effect on January 1, 2021.  


One of the key points within the new program is that test reports coming from non-recognized laboratories will not be eligible for Energy Star certification and may be subject to additional reviews and/or fees. 


LabTest Certification Inc. is excited to pass along the news that the ICC/SRCC Solar Thermal Census Committee has completed their work on updating the current Solar Thermal standards: ICC 901/SRCC 100, ICC 900/SRCC 300, and ICC 902/PHTC 902/SRCC 400, including Test Methods in ISO 9806:2017, and each standard has been ANSI approved for publication.

The newly revised standards are now active and available on ICC/SRCC SOLAR THERMAL STANDARDS – Solar Rating & Certification Corporation ( Due to the timing of the committee’s completion, these new revisions will be referenced in the upcoming 2021 ICC codes (IBC, IRC, IPC, IMC, and ISPSC). 

A few changes to note for these new revisions:

  • Requirements for substituting a PV module in a PVT assembly.
  • Requirements for PVT fire testing
  • Requirements for solar absorptivity and emissivity for solar air heating collectors
  • Requirements for solar tracker components
  • Requirements for relief valves for hot water supply systems
  • Requirements for product labelling and manuals


ICC 901/SRCC 100: Solar Thermal Collector Standard

ICC 900/SRCC 300: Solar Thermal System Standard

ICC 902/PHTC 902/SRCC 400: Solar Pool and Spa Heating System Standard

UL 1703 / UL 61730

IS-STSC Solar Thermal Standards – ICC (

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