The markings requirements for a LC certified product to Canadian Recognized Standards, ORDs or another normative document that is recognized by a Canadian Regulatory Authority, must have the warning (or caution) markings in both languages (English and French) if the standard or the authority having jurisdiction requires so.

LabTest, as a CB accredited by Standards Council of Canada, must make sure that the markings on the certified product by us comply with these requirements per CAN P-1500M standard for accredited bodies.

We have included a description of such requirements in the Markings section of the Listing Report.

During the 2014 Follow Up inspections, our inspectors are verifying the compliance of the dual language for the warning (or caution) markings, where applicable.

The inspector will explain if there is a non-compliance in your actual markings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.