Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)

Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)

Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)

For all of us who make it a point to regularly Exhibit/Walk the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), it is undeniable that this year’s show was rather unique. You could see something was different as you navigated the rather empty roads around the NRG arena, which are quite literally packed, bumper to bumper, during usual OTC years. That being said, parking was a breeze, and we think we could all get used to it.

This year, no more long lines at the NRG center entrance and no hum of white noise from several thousand people talking at once. The show was rather quiet and orderly. In all, we could count 500+ exhibitors who had taken the first step in restoring normalcy to Houston’s pride – THE OTC.

The booths and presentations were all adhering to the CDC guidelines with sanitation and cleanliness taken up a notch. The mood had not dampened and we could see excitement and confidence in show veterans perusing the booths and networking with customers and suppliers like us.

Beyond the exhibition unfolding in front of us, an entirely different version was taking place online. Hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors had chosen to virtually exhibit their booth, as it has been the norm these last 2 years with virtual weddings, shopping, dating, and now even virtual tradeshows where you can drop off a virtual business card. This year’s OTC even allowed for watching the Rice Alliance Venture Day remotely. What a treat!

As the OTC executive director Ms. Leigh Ann Runyan observed, “We have all learned to operate within the parameters we’ve been given & do it safely”.

We at LabTest, find the OTC very valuable both as a resource center and as a center where we can learn and grow with other industry experts. We tip our hat to the exhibitors who came out this year! We thoroughly enjoyed networking with them on the floor, both current and future prospective customers.

Sanitized, masked, and under the watchful eye of that Ares security corporation’s Robotic Dog (most will agree that the dog stole the show!), this year’s OTC brings back confidence that things are getting back to normal.

It may have been a wrap on Aug 19th for OTC 2021, but we applaud the show and its exhibitors for a great initiative during this challenging pandemic time.

Until next year!

The LabTest Certification Team.