LabTest participated in the IFM proficiency testing (with over 100 other labs) and scored an “Excellent” for their Radiated Emissions Testing.

IFM proficiency testing

LabTest Certification Inc. scored ‘Excellent’ in the IFM proficiency testing

What Is Proficiency Testing?

Proficiency testing (comparative testing) is an important way of meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 in the area of quality assurance of laboratory results. It is also mandated by accreditation bodies that laboratories participate in proficiency testing programs for all types of analyses undertaken in that laboratory, when suitable programs exist.

Proficiency testing is widely used as a tool for on-going quality control and assessment of laboratory test results. Proficiency testing refers to the process for use in a peer review environment where one or more laboratories may perform tests according to an agreed reference procedure, with the results compared with those obtained by one or more other laboratories in the same or different geographical locations.

A proficiency test (sometimes referred to as a benchmarking exercise) under ISO/IEC 17025 is one in which two or more laboratories are given the same task to measure, which is conducted either under agreed conditions or independently to enable them to demonstrate their ability to produce analytical results that are consistent and of an acceptable level of precision.

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