LabTest Certification Inc. (LabTest) has been recognized by Australia and Korea for the performance of product testing under Phase I of the APEC TEL MRA. With this new recognition LabTest will be better positioned to assist you in meeting your global market regulatory needs.

The APEC-TEL Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) is a multilateral arrangement between economies in the APEC region.

LabTest (CAB # CA5970) scope of testing has been recognized for the below national standards:

  • KN 61000-4-6
  • KN-22
  • KN60
  • KN-61-1
  • KN-61-1-2
  • KN-61-1-3
  • KN-61-1-4
  • KN-61-1-5
  • KN-61-2-1
  • KN-61-2-2
  • KN-61-2-3
  • KN-61-2-4
  • KN-24
  • KN-61000-4-11
  • KN-61000-4-2
  • KN-61000-4-3
  • KN-61000-4-4
  • KN-61000-4-5
  • KN-61000-4-6
  • KN-61000-4-8
  • RRA Notice 2008-3
  • RRA Notice 2008-4
  • AS/NZS 61000.6.3
  • AS/NZS 61000.6.4
  • AS 62040.2
  • AS/NZS 4268
  • AS/NZS 4251.1
  • AS/NZS 4251.2
  • AS/NZS CISPR 14.1
  • AS/NZS 4778

LabTest Certification Inc. is an independent Testing and Certification Body (CB) accredited by Standards Council of Canada (SCC)  and accredited as a Testing Laboratory by International Accreditation Services, Inc. (IAS) with head office in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

LabTest a customer oriented Testing and Certification Body accredited to test and certify various product categories for the North American market place. In accordance, to the National product safety standards for Canada (CSA standards) and the USA (UL standards).

For manufacturers wishing to obtain further information and/or even have their products tested, they may contact LabTest directly at

For further information on LabTest Certification Inc., feel free to contact our head office.