Is your company struggling to compete with all the other companies trying to sell masks?


Here is the perfect advertisement tool for you! Get Certification for your masks today!

Having your masks certified will ensure your customers that they will be able to protect themselves using your product.

Testing and Certification from an accredited 3rd party, such as LabTest Certification, will validate the quality of your product and help you find out what the Particulate Filtration Efficiency of your masks is.

“Canada does not have a certification body like NIOSH. However, as part of the IO process, Canadian manufacturers are required to follow a common set of requirements, including labelling requirements for the filtration efficiency rating. Manufacturers will be encouraged to label their product as a 95PFE, 99PFE or 100PFE respirator.” You can learn more about it from Canada Government itself.


In a time with so much uncertainty, the least we can know is what we are selling as manufactures and what we are buying as consumers.

We buy masks to protect ourselves and to ensure that our friends, family, and loved ones are safe, whether they are just going grocery shopping, having to be around colleagues in the workplace or front-line workers.

There are so many different types of masks out there, but how do we know which ones we should use?

What to look for when buying a mask?

When shopping for masks, do you look for a brand you recognize? The way they look/ fit? Or most importantly the way it works, which is often forgotten and not easy to find in the search?

When buying a mask the only thing you need to look for is a Certification mark!


Having certification will ensure the consistency of the product being produced and will provide the company and the consumer with the knowledge of the product. Certified masks are tested by generating microscopic salt crystals in a certain size range (75nm), blowing them through the respirator, and measuring the percentage of salt that gets stopped by the respirator.

Masks are also tested for Airflow Resistance (how breathable they are).

LabTest Certification Inc. is an accredited Certification Body for Respiratory Protective Devices by the Standard Council of Canada.

We offer a variety of tests to ensure that the masks you are buying will keep you safe!

  • Airflow Resistance
  • Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE)
  • Synthetic Blood Penetration testing
  • Mask Flame Retardant testing

If you have any questions or would like to book your next test, please feel free to contact:

Danielle Guillemette
PPE Account Manager