We all know that product development life cycle is vast & could involve many stages, especially if the product is a complex one, with multi-functionalities and high-speed processing.

Now, throw in the wireless capabilities, which almost every device nowadays needs to have, and the chances of not hitting any bumps in the road, while developing your product, are very slim.

Even when all the different variables like, for example, device radiations & susceptibilities are taken into consideration, and your samples are ready to be submitted for testing, we all know that there are no guarantees that there will be no failures.

And at that point, when your prototype is almost 100% finalized, going back to the drawing board and making changes to the design could be very costly.

So, what can be done to avoid finding yourself in a situation like this?  Have your product tested for Pre-Compliance first instead!

Pre-Compliance Testing is a quick validation of the prototype design for Emissions and/or Immunity, at all or specific frequency levels, that gives the ability to apply changes or modifications during pre-scanning.

While Pre-Compliance Testing cannot guarantee no non-compliances when the product goes through full evaluation, it can considerably reduce the risks & cost.

Advantages of Pre-Compliance Testing:

  1. Reduced time to market
  2. Reduced cost
  3. Early detection of flaws in the design
  4. Reduced product development time
  5. Can be helpful in achieving balance between simple & complex design


LabTest Certification Inc. is an accredited third-party Certification Body, Testing Laboratory, and Inspection Body accredited to ISO 17065, ISO 17025, and ISO 17020 by national and international accreditation bodies (ILAC and IAF Signatory Members), such as Standards Council of Canada (SCC), International Accreditation Services (IAS), ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

LabTest Certification Inc. is an accredited Notified Body for EMC & Radio Equipment Directive (RED) & authorized to issue EU-Type Examination certificates.

Whether seeking approvals for the North American (FCC & IC/ISED), European (EMC/RED), or International markets, LabTest has the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure your products comply with the requirements of the national regulations of the country your products are destined for.
Pre-Compliance Testing is currently offered at both our Canadian and US locations and Full-Compliance Testing is also available at our Delta, BC (Canada) facility, with guaranteed fast turnaround time and cost-effective solutions!

EMC Testing Capabilities:

  • FCC/IC certified 3m full compliance Anechoic radiated Immunity Chamber
  • Radiated susceptibility/immunity magnetic fields 45 Hz through 1000 Hz
  • Radiated Susceptibility/Immunity Testing, upto 18GHz & 200V/m
  • Conducted susceptibility 10 kHz through 230 MHz with AM, FM or pulse modulation
  • Radiated Emission Testing, upto 40GHz
  • Conducted emissions 9 kHz through 80MHz
  • Special equipment for transient capabilities
  • Special equipment for Radio testing
  • 30kV ESD Simulator with variety networks
  • Immunity Transients for Automotive
  • NEBS testing
  • MIL-STD-461