Special Inspections to CSA SPE-1000

Interested in knowing when the CSA SPE-1000 Model Code can be applied for the approval of products sold into Canada?

What is CSA SPE-1000?

CSA SPE-1000 is a Model Code for the approval of Electrical/Electronic products being installed in the field or still at the manufacturing facility, which don’t comply with the Canadian Electrical Code requirements. Also called “Special Inspection”, this type of approval must be performed by an Inspection Body accredited by the Standard Council of Canada (SCC), as per ISO 17020, such as LabTest Certification Inc.

How Does It Work?

SPE-1000 applies to limited quantities/batches of products manufactured on non-repetitive basis, as little as one unit and a maximum of 500 units/model/year/manufacturer’s facility and is performed on a complete system. The Model Code addresses the construction, markings, and test requirements that the equipment must meet before it can be labeled. The evaluation consists in an inspection of the product, components, and drawings and tests are performed (onsite or at the lab), as per the reference standard, to confirm compliance.

The product is then labeled with the “LC Special Inspections” label and it can be sold in Canada. The labelling of each unit must be performed by a LabTest inspector. Lastly, local authorities will verify the correctness of the installation and electrical connection.

LabTest Certification Inc. is recognized by the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) Across Canada

We can evaluate at our LabTest labs, your location or point of installation.

LC Mark CSA SPE 1000

Where is SPE-1000 accepted?

CSA SPE 1000

This program is only valid and available for the Canadian market, as the USA don’t offer an equivalent program. “Special Inspections” are for limited quantities only and do not replace full certification. The inspections are only performed on a complete systems or subassemblies such as subunits, control panels, etc. It cannot be performed on a component such as motors, wires, or similar components.

When to use
CSA SPE-1000?

This program is beneficial if: 

Products within SPE-1000 scope


Products within SPE-1000 scope

Industrial control panels, Automated manufacturing equipment, semiconductor fabrication, luminaires, switchboards, robotics, heating and cooling, generators, distribution systems, and any mobile equipment that has electrical components.

What tests are performed?

Based on the construction, one of the main and mandatory tests is the Dielectric Test, also known as “Megger Test”. For equipment rated 250 Vac or less, 1000 Vac Test voltage is applied to the product for one (1) minute, without a breakdown between live parts and exposed non -current carrying metal parts and between live parts and accessible extra low voltage secondary circuits.

Other tests that can be performed on the product are: Temperature test, Leakage current test, Strain Relief test, and Flame test.

If the unit is installed outdoor, it will also need a Rain Test for the duration of 90 minutes.

For additional information or to book an SPE-1000, please contact LabTest Certification Inc. at info@labtestcert.com or Call Us toll free at 1-855-346-0444.

The “Special Inspections” program is a quick and cost-effective service, perfect for limited production of products destined for Canada!

If your product has been rejected by the Canadian Authorities Having Jurisdiction, you can count on LabTest Certification Inc., your SCC accredited Inspection Body!


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