Special Inspections to CSA SPE-3000

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Special Inspections to CSA SPE 3000

The object of this Model Code is to facilitate a safety evaluation of Medical Electrical Equipment (MEE) and Medical Electrical Systems (MES) to safety considerations that do not include requirements pertaining to risk analysis, evaluation of efficacy, or performance of products.

What do our Special Inspections to CSA SPE-3000 for Canada offer? 

Our Special Inspections to CSA SPE 3000 for Canada offer a one-time approval for medical electrical equipment and systems that are required to meet Canadian CSA standards.

We offer fast turnaround times that are very cost-effective.

The LC label proves to inspectors that your equipment has met Canadian standards. Approved products will be labelled onsite.

LabTest offers NEXT DAY Special Inspection Services anywhere in Canada. 

You may be interested in Special Inspections if: 
  • You need fast turnaround times
  • Certification is not practical
  • Your product has already been shipped and/or installed
  • You have limited quantities or batches
  • You are testing the market and may not continue production
  • You want to make sure the product meets Canadian standards before submitting it for certification
  • You are modifying already certified products
  • Your products have been ‘Red Tagged’ LabTest offers fixed annual competitive pricing for high volume customers!

LabTest Certification Inc. is recognized by the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) Across Canada

We can evaluate at our LabTest labs, your location or point of installation. 


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