LabTest Certification Inc. (LabTest) an accredited Certification Body (CB) by Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and an accredited Testing Laboratory (TL) by International Accreditation Services, Inc.(IAS).

LabTest has successfully completed a scope expansion was a Testing Laboratory with IAS to add the following standards to their list of testing capabilities:

  • AS 4551/AG 101
  • AS 4553/AG 103
  • AS 4563
  • AS 2658
  • EN 30-1-1
  • EN 30-1-2
  • EN 30-1-3
  • EN 30-1-4
  • EN 30-2-1
  • EN 30-2-2

With the addition of the AS standards, LabTest will be able to provide local gas equipment manufacturers easier access to the Australian market.

By providing local testing services, LabTest will help to reduce the time to market and extra costs associated with equipment approval expenses.

As a newly accredited Certification Body, LabTest can provide you with testing and certification services for your various product categories. If you have a product for which you are seeking certification please complete and return the below requests:

  • Gas Appliances certification
  • Electrical product certification
  • CE Marking approvals
  • Hazardous Location Equipment Approvals

Or to contact us please: