CSA SPE-1000 is a Model Code developed by Canadian Advisory Council on Electrical Safety for one-time approvals for general electrical products, installed within Canada, where certification of that equipment is impracticable or otherwise unavailable.

SPE-1000 | What is it?

CSA SPE-1000 is a Model Code developed by Canadian Advisory Council on Electrical Safety for one-time approvals for general electrical products

Examples of where Model Code SPE-1000 applies

  • Custom-built equipment for special applications;
  • Equipment manufactured on a non-repetitive basis;
  • Equipment sold in quantities of not more than 500 on a national basis, per model, per year, per inspection body;
  • Equipment not obtainable as “certified” under a regular certification program;
  • Equipment already installed or ready for use on-site and awaiting acceptance by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ);
  • Complete systems or subassemblies that are all available for examination and testing during the evaluation process; and
  • Other electrical equipment as determined by the AHJ

This Model Code addresses the essential construction, marking, and test requirements that equipment must meet before it can be labelled. It allows for the evaluation of electrical equipment and products, with the objective of minimizing the risk of degrading the safety of the equipment through the procedures used in the field evaluation. Where the required tests involve procedures deemed to present a risk to the safety of the equipment, such tests may be carried out on a separate representative sample supplied for the sole purpose of testing.

Alternatively, other means may be taken to determine conformance, such as the evaluation of relevant test data presented in support of an application for field evaluation.

SPE-1000 is primarily based on Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) and addresses the minimum requirements for equipment as they pertain to electrical safety. The Model code may also call for other CSA standards based on Electrical product/equipment to be inspected.

SPE-1000 inspections can be performed anywhere in the world, but it can only be recognized on products/equipment
that will be installed in Canada.

What does a typical SPE-1000 inspection look like?


  • SI inspector performs construction evaluation on the product(s) at the client site;
  • Ensure all clauses, as per SPE-1000, are met;
  • Applicable tests are performed;
  • Confirm markings;
  • Special Inspection Label (blue sticker) is applied.

Products that are excluded from CSA SPE-1000:

  • Wire and cable products;
  • Wiring devices;
  • Equipment for use in hazardous locations;
  • Medical electrical equipment and systems;
  • Components that will require further evaluation as part of a complete assembly, such as switches, relays, and timers;
  • Equipment connected to line voltage in excess of 46 kV;
  • Manlifts, elevators, climb assists and similar systems (other than their associated control panels); and
  • Any equipment that is not permitted to be field evaluated as directed by an AHJ (such as air-cleaning equipment that intentionally produces ozone).

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