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Due to the ongoing world-wide pandemic and the physical distancing measures in place across Canada, the Canadian Advisory Council on Electrical Safety (CACES) is allowing Inspection Bodies to conduct remote inspections of COVID-19 essential equipment, for the purpose of equipment approval, as long as all accreditation requirements and SCC bulletin #2020-17 are being met.

SPE-1000 and SPE-3000 inspections would result in conditional approval with the issuance of a report and a certificate. Subsequent on-site inspection, including any required testing, will be required to provide full approval.

On-site inspection shall occur within 6 months of the restrictions being lifted or as required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

It will be critical that an accurate record of the essential equipment(s) final destination(s) is available to the Inspection Body to ensure that the final on-site inspection(s) are completed. Note: Consumer Products are excluded from this permission. 

COVID-19 essential equipment is considered Medical Equipment or Systems directly used in the COVID-19 fight, Electrical Equipment or Systems used for the operation of medical facilities, or equipment used to produce gear or tools used by front line works such as hand sanitizer, medical gowns, or facemasks.

This permission will expire once Federal and/or Provincial governments’ restrictions related to COVID-19 are lifted.

For questions you can contact LabTest Certification at or 1-855-247-0444.

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