It’s official! LabTest is now a member of the Global Solar Certification Network (GSCN).

What is GSCN?

The GSCN is a cooperation between solar certification bodies/schemes around the world, to facilitate trading of solar thermal products and minimize the need for re-testing and re-certification in each new country where products are to be marketed and sold.

How does it work?

A GSCN manufacturer having already a certificate from a certification body member of GSCN, applies directly to the “new” certification body (also member of GSCN) who issues the certificate he wants next for his product(s).

The manufacturer shows the existing certificate and ask the test lab and inspection body which did the testing and inspection already to provide the “new” certification body with existing test and inspection reports.

Test lab and inspection body shall be recognized by the “old” as well as the “new” certification body.

The “new” certification body will then let the manufacturer know if any additional testing/inspection will be needed.

If no additional testing is required – or when such additional testing has completed – the manufacturer is granted the license to mark his product with the “new” certificate too.

The web site will show lists of certification bodies, test labs and inspection bodies participating in the GSCN – and also show which test labs and inspection bodies are recognized by which certification bodies.