Shock & Vibe Test | Best available Vibration table in the industry!

Shock & Vibe Test | Best available

Shock & Vibe Test | Best available

This is Hari, Account Manager for the Environmental Testing department at LabTest Certification Inc., Delta BC (Canada). LabTest is a Canadian based Testing, Certification, and Inspection Body accredited to ISO 17025, ISO 17065, and ISO 17020 with facilities in both Canada & the USA.

I am excited to inform you that due to the increasing demand for Vibration testing services, we have upgraded our testing equipment and increased the capabilities for each of the following:

  • Random Vibration testingShock & Vibe Test
  • Shock Testing
  • Sine Sweep/Resonance Search
  • Endurance Vibration Testing
  • Conditioned Vibration

LabTest 3-axis Electrodynamic Shaker System is one of the best available in the industry and capable of withstanding heavier samples and higher frequency range!

Frequency range: 3 to 4000 Hz

Max payload capacity, vertical orientation: up to 2,400 lbs

Max payload capacity, horizontal orientation: up to 1,000 lbs

Conditioned Vibration

For Conditioned Vibration, our temperature chamber covers a range as wide as -60C to +120C and accommodates for larger samples. A complete cycle between the extreme temperatures can be achieved in less than 7 minutes.

If you’re looking for a solution to accommodate heavier samples, reach higher frequencies, and require faster temperature cycles than the other available options, Contact Us today!

For any questions or to speak with our Environmental Testing department:

Contact Us at or Call 1-855-346-0444.

We would be very happy to assist!