Testing and Certification

LabTest Certification, Inc. is a leading provider of testing services to the consumer, business and commercial markets. We are a global company delivering front-to-back testing solutions to help our clients meet and exceed quality, safety, sustainability and performance standards.

LabTest also provides a wide range of verification services. These services include third-party testing, evaluations, certifications, inspections, audits, licensing and training.

Whether you’re evaluating how your products and/or services meet applicable quality, safety, sustainability or performance standards or simply looking to ensure that your products meet the requirements of an internal corporate standard or specification, LabTest has the expertise to help you meet these goals. Our full suite of testing services will help you increase the value and marketability of your products.

Accredited Certification Body, Testing Laboratory, and Inspection Body providing product Testing, Certification, and Inspection for Canada, U.S.A., as well as international markets, we are here to ensure that products comply with the applicable standards and will not cause harm to people or property.

Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, integrator or installer of products subject to certification, LabTest Certification offers testing services to meet your needs.

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